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Writer: Taciturn Blue

Designer: Eduardo

The underwear department spread out before me like a maze of products.

It was still a few hours till closing, but the store was mostly empty and as I walked between the stacks I was definitely the only customer shopping for underwear on that Tuesday night.


Countless pictures of well-toned men clad only in briefs, thongs, or boxers lined the isles in an odd parody of pornography.

For the most part, their faces were hidden from view on the packages so they gave off the illusion of being headless models.

It wasn’t that I didn’t want to look – I could hardly stop myself, actually – but, staring at near naked men in a department store struck me as wrong.

Besides, I wasn’t fully out of the closet and getting hard in public wasn’t my idea of a good time.


Browsing for a few minutes, I finally picked out two pairs of briefs; one black, one navy blue.

I’d worn mostly boxers throughout high school and was only now, at the age of nineteen, beginning to branch-out into other choices.

I was wearing my pair of white boxer-briefs tonight, and the cling of the fabric was still enough to tantalize my imagination as it hugged my cock and balls.

So far, however, boxer-briefs were the only deviations I’d made in choice and my whole purpose tonight was to pick out some new styles.


Briefs sounded nice and snug, more revealing than boxer-briefs, but they were nonetheless still relatively average.

On the way towards the counter, a white, ribbed jockstrap pair of underwear caught my eye.

The idea of essentially bare-assed underwear got me excited and the ribbed front pouch sounded nice to the touch.

Picking up a pair, I finished my trek to the cashier.


Like most bigger clothing stores, this one had cashier’s spread throughout the store, usually one or two per department.

As it was, I was thankful for the deserted underwear section so that other shoppers wouldn’t have the opportunity to scrutinize my particular purchases.

Yet that didn’t mean I was any less embarrassed about having even one person see what type of underwear I’d be wearing in the coming days.


The cashier was good-looking enough, I guessed late twenties or early thirties, but I did’t bother checking him out as I wanted to be gone as soon as possible.

– “Did you find everything you needed?” he asked me.
– “Yeah, I think that’s all for me, thanks,” I responded, blushing only slightly.

He went about his business then, scanning the barcodes in one by one.
I’d put the jockstrap underneath the other two pairs, in the hope that somehow it’d be less noticeable there.


As he picked up the package, however, he stopped to inspect the picture on the front.

Needless to say, I was dying that he’d bothered to look. I could only imagine what he thought of me at that moment.

– “Heh,” he chuckled, scanning the last barcode in. “These are the same pair I’ve got on right now.”
– “Oh,” I responded weakly. “That’s nice.” I honestly didn’t know what in the world to say to a remark like that.

People didn’t exactly tell me what type of underwear they happened to be wearing on a regular basis.


Yeah, actually they are real nice,” he said with an amiable enough smile. “Have you ever tried them before?”
– “Well, no, not really,” I admitted. Feeling rather socially inept, I added, “What do they feel like?”
– “The ribs are great feeling, but I couldn’t exactly describe them to you,” he began once more, still smiling at me. “They’re nice and snug, but you don’t feel confined since they’re so small.”

At this point, I couldn’t help but start to get a little hard. This complete stranger was describing how his underwear felt and, despite myself, I was picturing his bare ass underneath his slacks.

Then, as if the idea had just occurred to him, he said,
“Hey, I could show them to you if you’d like? It’s pretty slow tonight so no one will mind.”


If I hadn’t known what to say before, I certainly didn’t know what to say now.

Was that a come-on? Or was he just some straight salesman a little too enthusiastic about his underwear? My experience with guys, and girls too for that matter, was so relatively small that I hadn’t a clue what to do.

Yet even the idea of glimpsing this guy’s bare-ass was tempting enough and the thought that it would be in a department store was even hotter. There was just something taboo about it being a semi-public place.

So I responded, “Sure, that sounds nice.”


C’mon then.” He began leading me back through the underwear section and for the first time I really started to check him out. His back was to me so I didn’t feel bad staring. He wore an azure blue dress shirt that he filled out nicely.
Either he was naturally fairly muscular or he worked out on a regular basis. He wasn’ huge by any means, but his arms were large enough and his chest had looked quite nice from the front.
I wagered he was about six three height wise, which wasn’t much taller than my own six one, but his body still seemed considerably larger than mine.
He wore black pants that must have been tailored because his ass was highlighted to perfection. As he walked, the fabric pressed tight against his cheeks and my eyes strayed perhaps a little too long on his rear. His hair was a dark brown and he was clean-shaven.
As I’ve said, he was good-looking, but at the same time he wasn’t drop dead gorgeous either. Nonetheless, at that moment, he was just about the sexiest man I could think of.


When we’d worked our way through the underwear section, he opened one of the employees only’ doors and ushered me into some sort of storeroom.

He closed the door behind me and locked it, which I must admit gave me a few misgivings and self-recriminations about getting into a potentially dangerous situation, but I didn’t say anything.

The room was maybe ten by twenty feet across and about ten feet high, but packed as it was full of underwear boxes, there wasn’t too terribly much room left.


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My name’s Alex, by the way,” he offered to get the conversation going again.

Indeed, he had a golden pin-on nametag that said just that. “I’ll just be a second.”

– “Uhm, okay, my name’s David.”

I expected him to go behind some other boxes or something, but he just began taking off his shoes mere feet away from me.
Was it bad manners to watch? I couldn’t really help myself the anticipation was so great and he had invited me to see his underwear after all, so why not?


He’d taken his shoes and socks off when he surprised me by loosening his tie and beginning to unbutton his shirt.

As he set his shirt aside, I drank in the sight of his pecs.

They were broad and quite well defined, but looked supple to the touch.

He had large red nipples and only a light scattering of chest hair down the middle.


When he slipped off his trousers I lost all interest in his chest.

The man was practically bulging out of the jockstrap.

The ribs curved over the outline of his cock in sensuous waves.

He hadn’t turned around yet, so I couldn’t see his bare-ass, but from the look of his thighs, it was probably nice and smooth.


So! What do you think?” he asked me with a grin.

– “Wow,” was all I could manage to say.

– “Go ahead and get a closer look if you’d like,” Alex encouraged.


Unable to resist, I knelt down in front on him in a crouched position, bringing my face inches away from his package.

Up close, I could hardly resist bending forward and licking at his cock through the tight fabric.

His cock looked wide and long to me, though it probably wasn’t much larger than average.

Two largish balls were nestled snuggly in the fabric as well and the smell was exhilarating.


Smells good,” I said.

– “Why don’t you touch them… feel the fabricâ€Â¦” he urged, leaning his crotch
forward towards my face.


Tentatively, I reached out with a hand and felt the upper fabric.

The ribs did feel quite nice and I pressed harder against his skin.


One of his hands came down to play in my blond hair, and at that point I made up my mind that this was probably not typical customer service.

Encouraged by the feel of his hand ruffling my hair, I moved my hand lower, onto the tighter fabric that covered his shaft. He sighed slightly as I rubbed up and down the length of his cock.

By the looks of it, and I had a good view, he was getting hard under my adoring touch.


More daring now, I began cupping his package with one hand, testing the weight of his balls.

With the other hand I snaked around to his bare ass and let it slide over the smooth skin.

– “Mmm,” he groaned. “Why don’t we let you try them on now, Dave?”


He raised me up, letting his hands settle on my chest and helped pull my shirt off over my head.


I bent down to take off my shoes and when I straightened back up, he slipped one hand down the front of my pants while the other fumbled with the belt.


His hand was large and dry as it grasped my cock, pumping it in slow motions.

I wasn’t hard yet, not for lack of excitement, but simply because I was so nervous.


His wide palm felt exquisite inside my boxer-briefs, however, and soon I felt my pants slide down my legs.


My boxer briefs quickly followed and now I was completely nude with him standing behind me in only the jock strap.


There was a mirror where I watched him deftly remove the jock strap.


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Hidden behind me as he was, however, I never caught a glimpse of his cock.


He made me raise up a leg, slipping the jock over it, then the other, and pulled the fabric up around my cock and balls.


He dipped his hand back into the front pouch, adjusting my cock properly as well as giving my balls a good squeeze.


Then, taking his hand out, he inspected his handiwork in the mirror. I took the time to look too, admiring my muscled yet lean build and the look of the white underwear around my cock and balls.

His hand cupped my package again, this time from the outside.

– “So how does that feel?” he asked, as if he were fitting shoes.

– “Mmmmm,” I groaned under his touch. “That feels great.”


He smiled then, revealing a set of brilliant white teeth while one hand held my chin in its grip.

His pointer finger shifted upwards and past my lips, inserting itself into the moist warmth of my mouth.
Tipping my head back, I closed my eyes and tried to imagine it was his cock in my mouth instead of his finger. I licked ravenously at the finger, swirling my tongue in circles around its tip as I imagined one would do when giving a blowjob.

Another finger entered into my lips and I greedily nibbled at it too, wrapping my tongue around it wetly.


As I worked on his fingers, he pressed closer to me and I felt his semi-hard cock move into my ass crack.

He wasn’t anywhere near fully erect by the feel of it and I playfully squeezed my butt cheeks together, loving the feel of his warm cock dangling between them.

He removed his fingers from my mouth, but with the other hand he pinched at my left nipple.


Then, without warning, I felt his two slick fingers slide up my asshole. Having my eyes closed he’d caught me completely off guard and I wasn’t prepared for how easily they’d enter. I’d fingered myself once or twice before, but the sensations he provoked in me were completely unexpected.
As his two digits moved inside me, I groaned loudly wanting him only to push in farther. His other hand gave a sharp twist to my nipple, sending shivers of pain into my pleasure; it was amazing. Having his two fingers up my ass, I felt completely under his control.
I could hardly keep from collapsing, much less move. With each deliberate twitch of the hand, he’d send waves of pleasure up through my body; at that moment I was completely his.

– “Mmmm, settle down there, Dave,” he whispered into my ear. “We’re not through


His fingers slid out of me and I felt desperately empty without his touch.

He picked me up and carried me to a table, knocking off underwear boxes and forcing me to lay down on my back.

The tabletop was cool to the touch and my bare ass felt particularly exposed as he scooted me into the appropriate spot.


Spreading my knees up and apart, he smiled down at the sight of my cock straining against the white fabric and my butt cheeks pulled apart showing off my ass hole to his mastery.


He bent down close to the fabric of the jockstrap and licked all across the outline of my shaft.


His saliva tingled damply against my sensitive cock head.

Again and again he licked, fully dampening the fabric until it clung especially tight.

Looking down at my cock trying to strain out of its confinements and his tongue lapping at my privates, I let out an audible sigh.


Soon, however, he tugged at the jockstrap, letting it slide down my legs and completely off.

I was naked before him and for a few moments he just looked at me.

I have to admit I was pretty pleased with myself at the time.


My cock was rock hard and swollen to its full seven inches.

My balls, although not huge, hung tightly beneath my meat.

Droplets of pre-cum had begun to dribble from my cock and finally, after what seemed a long time, he brought a hand down to firmly grip my cock.

His thumb massaged my cock head, swirling my pre-cum in circles, while his fingers squeezed intently around my shaft.

His grip hurt a little since I was so hard, but I was about to cum at the same time.


Eventually he lowered his lips to my bright red head and lapped up the pre-cum that had accumulated.

Then, delicately, he took my young cock into his mouth.

The warmth was incredible and the feeling of his wet tongue working around my shaft had me writhing on the table.


His two fingers slipped back up my asshole and, overcome by the pleasure, I shot my load in his mouth.

My cock just kept spasming and spasming, shooting more and more creamy jism into his eager lips as he continued licking.

Dizzy with the ecstasy,


I hardly noticed him climb on top of me until his weight began pressing down against me.

His face was directly over mine and he bent forward to kiss me for the first time.

His tongue dipped into my mouth and I was eager to receive it.

I’d thought about tasting my own cum before, but had never actually brought myself to follow through with it.

With his superior weight holding me down, however, I didn’t have much choice but to let him fill my mouth with the taste of my own seed.


When he’d finished with my mouth, he backed up slightly and draped my legs over his shoulders. I knew he was going to enter me soon, but before he did I wanted to get a good look at his erect cock.

It was bigger than mine as I’d thought, but not by much. It looked to be a little over seven inches and had a slight downward bend to it. His cock head was a brilliant red and the silky flesh looked quite delicate to the touch. He was uncut, but his foreskin was almost completely pulled back at his current state of arousal.

A nice bush of pubic hair, obviously trimmed, flowered at the base of his cock and a large pair of balls hung beneath. He was rubbing his cock with some of my excess cum, getting it nice and lubricated before beginning.


“Are you ready for me?” he asked, pressing his cock against my asshole.

– “Mmm-hmm, I want to feel you inside me,” I groaned.
– “Alright then.”

His cock was much bigger than his two fingers had been and I began to worry that this was going to hurt a lot more than I’d expected. His silky head pressed against my hole and the wetness of my own cum strained to enter me.
I tried to push out like I’d read to do, but the pain didn’t get any less. Suddenly he let out a loud moan, startling me from my own concerns, and I realized he’d worked his cock head all the way inside me. It felt huge to my virgin ass.
Oblivious, Alex kept pushing deeper into me.


It was easier now that he was partially in and the slick cum was beginning to feel nice on my insides.

He kept grinding against me, pushing and pushing, until the ticklish bush of his pubic hair brushed against my cheeks. I could feel his large balls resting in my ass crack and momentarily wondered how much cum he’d fill me up with.

By the size of them I was glad he was in my ass and not my mouth or I’d probably have drowned.

Then his cock began shifting, drawing out, and I lost all thought of anything else.


He moved his slick rod all the way through my tight ass, letting his wide head settle there and stretch me out.

Then he plunged swiftly back inside me, plugging me with his cock. I cried out in ecstasy as he set off pleasure I never knew I could feel.


His cock felt so incredibly long inside me, touching such forbidden places.

He began grunting rhythmically as he picked up the pace, pounding my ass with increasing frenzy.

His balls slapped methodically on my ass as he drove his cock deep.


As his moaning became louder, he started pushing my knees closer to my chest and lifting my ass off the tabletop.
From this position he was more directly above me and I watched his face contort in pleasure as he ravished my virginity.
Soon I was hard again, my cock sandwiched onto my stomach by his body. As he pumped into me, his sweaty body would rub against my cock, urging it nearer to climax.

Alex was calling out my name now and his once long ramming of my ass were now short bursts as he kept himself more deeply inside me.
I knew he must be close to cumming, but I was trying to hold off myself and savor all the pleasure I could get, so I didn’t pay that much heed.

Suddenly, he drew himself completely out of me.


He pushed himself more on top of me, aiming his slick cock at my face so that I thought he wanted me to finish sucking him off.


I bent towards him, intending to do just that, when he erupted all over my face and chest.

Having caught me so completely off guard, I think I let loose my own load the instant a glob of his cream splattered my lips.


He just kept cumming and cumming on me, coating my body with his sticky jism.

At first I was a little annoyed by it, but when he didn’t stop I started to enjoy it. It felt good to be so much under his control that he could do this to me.

When he had finally stopped, he rubbed his cock and balls all over my chest, letting them wipe his cum into my skin.

Then he did let me take him into his mouth, licking the cum off his shaft and sucking his balls one by one into my mouth.


That seemed to amuse him because he laughed a little between the groans.

When I’d cleaned him off he lay down on top of me, pressing his full weight against me, and gave me a slow kiss.

Our tongues whirled in each other’s mouths as our flaccid cocks pressed together.

That’s gotta be my best trip to a department store ever.


End of Story

Thank you for your visit.

Writer: Taciturn Blue

Designer: Eduardo

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