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The Gay Cartoons

My Friend Josh

Writer: Gerry

Designer: Eduardo

Todd’s friend Josh was coming for a visit!

Ever since his mother had announced the news, Todd had been excited. Josh was his best friend. Only a few years separated them. They had always got along quite well and when Josh had to leave for University, Todd had lost a friend. They would correspond often but it wasn’t the same.

Now after four years, Josh was settled in a job and was coming for a two week visit during the summer. Naturally Todd was excited and anxious to see his friend. Todd, still a late teen, had grown quite a bit since they last met; he now stood six one and his body was muscled and strong as he was on the wrestling team in high school.

Todd was proud of his body but wasn’t too happy about the hair. The other guys at school called him “the bear” as he had a thick coat of red hair all over his body which matched the flaming red hair on his head.


He had hair on his chest, back and legs but his crotch was a sight to behold: a thick, luxuriant forest of hair surrounded his cock which when soft was almost engulfed by it.

The hair came from his mother’s family. He remembered seeing Josh, who had black hair, with a coat equally as abundant.

He still hated the teasing and looks he got whenever he took off his shirt.

The ribbing he got stopped with time as he was the top wrestler of his class so that, even though there were still smiles, he was always treated with respect.



Todd had written often about his love of wrestling as he knew that his friend understood, having been a wrestler in High school and University.

Josh would give him tips and advice. Todd was kind of hoping he would get to wrestle Josh during the holidays although the thought scared him a little.

In the last few years, he had often become sexually aroused during some bouts and he new it wasn’t from the close contact and rubbing but because the close contact and rubbing were a turn on for him.

The mere thought of being close to a man with so very little on, gave him a boner.




Naturally, he would not want anything of the sort to happen with his friend: he would not want his friend, his friend, to think of him as queer.

For deep down, Todd knew he was gay even though he had no sexual experience, he knew he was irresistibly attracted to men.

He just wasn’t ready for anyone else to find out.

The day finally came and he was standing face to face with his friend.

Josh hadn’t changed much: he was maybe a little larger, more muscled but besides that he was the same Josh.

Josh took his friend in a strong bear hug and slapped his back.




They talked and laughed trying to catch up on all news.

After that evening supper, Josh asked Todd’s mother if he could take Todd up to the family chalet for a long weekend. His parents approved. Todd packed his things for the event.

As he was getting ready for bed, his friend went by his room as he headed for the shower with only a towel around his waist. Todd marveled at the great body his friend had.

Actually they were pretty well the same size and both had a similar coat of hair, one red, one black.




He could hear his friend in the shower and his mind began fantasizing about being there with him… his arms around him… his…

Todd shook his head and started doing push ups to rid himself of such thoughts.

His cock was rock hard and it would take a lot of exertion before getting it down.



As Todd went through the exercises, he did not see his friend staring at him in the hallway.

He did not notice his friend smile and walk to his room.




After twenty or thirty minutes of this, his cock finally had gone back to its resting position.

Todd undressed, showered quickly with cold water and went to bed.




The next morning was beautiful, sunny and it looked like it was going to be hot.

Todd and Josh headed for the country very early and after a couple of hours reached the cabin with a good part of the morning left.

It was early but very hot.




Josh suggested unpacking and after a light snack, taking a long hike.

Todd went to his room, unpacked and put on an old pair of cut-offs over his jockstrap.




He had begun wearing a jockstrap as soon as he had erections.

The jockstrap prevented detection and besides he liked the feel of it as the pouch kept his cock and balls neatly packed.




He pulled on an old T-shirt and went out to prepare a snack of fruit and cheese.

Josh came out of his room with similar attire and both men enjoyed their lunch.

Before leaving, Josh suggested bringing a packsack with towels, a blanket and bathing suits.

As Todd looked through his things, he noticed that he had forgotten to pack a swimsuit.




Mentioning this to his friend, he was grateful when Josh told him he always had a few spare suits.

He showed him a yellow bikini and asked if it was o.k. since he would wear his red one.

Todd was a little surprised as he was used to the long boxer type suits but since his friend had one, there was no problem.




The two men set off.

The cabin was near a wooded area.

They went through the woods and after an hour or so came upon a small clover field.

Both of them were quite hot and their sweat make their shirts stick to their skin.




Josh pulled out the blanked and as they pulled off their shirts, they sank down on the carpet of sweet smelling grass.

They just lay there quietly, listening to the sounds of nature.

Todd looked over to where his friend lay and once again admired the older man’s build.

Through the thick black hair he could make out a washer board stomach.

His friend’s pecs were muscular and rounded with two very large nipples that were erect right now, probably due to the cooler air.




Josh asked a few questions about the wrestling team.

Todd answered eagerly and surprised himself by asking his friend if he would want a small friendly match sometime.

He was even more surprised when Josh suggested right now as a good time as any.

Josh stood up and pushed off his running shoes and then mentioning that their cut-offs were an impediment, he pulled them off.




He stood there with only his white jockstrap on.




Todd’s mouth went dry as he also pulled off his cut-offs.




Both men faced each other and began circling.




Then with a lunge they collided as their arms tried to gain control of some part of the other’s body.




With the speed of lightning, Josh caught Todd just under the crotch and losing his balance and fell to the ground as his friend jumped him.




Todd quickly turned on his stomach as Josh tried to turn him around.

Todd could feel his friend’s crotch rub against his almost bare ass and very quickly, his cock became engorged.

This was embarrassing to him but he knew his friend would understand being a wrestler himself.




Josh brought his right hand to Todd’s crotch and tried pulling his friend around.

His hand fully cupped and grabbed the crotch so there was no way he could not feel the hard on.




The next time Josh lay fully upon his friend, Todd felt a distinctive hardness rubbing against him and was relieved that his friend also had a boner.




Both men struggled for a long time and finally, with some leg maneuvering,

Josh slowly got Todd on his back and with a final tug brought his own body on top of Todd’s to pin him.




As Todd was struggling to break the hold, he felt his friend’s crotch slowly grind itself against his own.

As he felt the hardness of his friend’s cock slowly rub up against his own stiffness, he almost came.

It took all his willpower to concentrate and not disgrace himself by cumming.




Finally, Josh, with a laugh, let go and got up pulling Todd to his feet.

Todd was relieved to be out of the situation but for a short moment was embarrassed to be standing with a bulging pouch, until, he saw Josh’s which was just as enlarged.




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Not seeming to be a bit shy at all, Josh took Todd into his arms and hugged him.

This brought their crotches together again and Todd had to, once again, keep his mind from rambling away.

The two cocks sticking straight out, collided and form deep in his balls, Todd felt the cum churning and ready to erupt.




As they pulled apart, both men were short of breath and they cooled off by walking around a bit.

When Todd finally felt more comfortable and his cock had softened to a reasonable size, he suggested to Josh that they try to find a swimming spot.




Josh said he remembered there being a cool deep river not too far away and, dressing again, they set off, this time at jogging pace.

Todd was glad for the quick pace as it gave him time to clear his mind.




His thoughts were confused and at the same time excited.

Was this something that normally happened between two men or was his friend feeling the same way he did?

Would he ever find out without humiliating himself?

All these and many more thoughts went through his brain as they jogged along.




They went through another field, then a small forest and all of a sudden they were at the edge of a river.

The water seemed deep and cool.

They looked for a spot to swim and soon found a pool of quiet water.




As they were quite hot and sweaty, both men were eager to feel the cool water.

Josh quickly pulled on his red swimsuit which hugged his hips and crotch.




This was the first time Todd had seen his friend naked and he was surprised to notice that Josh had an equally thick amount of hair at his crotch which made his basket even larger when covered by the suit.




Todd pulled on the yellow suit and felt extremely sexy as the material sensually caressed his crotch.




Josh looked Todd over and as he smiled that seemingly all-knowing smile, he jumped in and swam around.




It didn’t take Todd long to join him and both men enjoyed their swim as the waters cooled and washed them off.




After a short while, Josh went under water and caught Todd by surprise as he lifted him up and threw him under.




As Todd caught his breath, both men started to wrestle around again.

This time they weren’t competing and their movements were slower in the water.




It was even, in Todd’s mind, erotic as their bodies would collide and rub together.

His friend would grab his crotch and quickly squeeze before letting go and Todd tried this as well.




It did not take too much of this to get Todd erect and the next time Josh grabbed , his hand was full of hard meat.




He squeezed Todd’s tool and Todd felt like in heaven.

Todd managed to grab his friend’s basket and he also felt a large hardness which he squeezed.

He felt his friend’s cock throb in his hands




Josh quickly grabbed Todd by the waist and pulled their bodies together, crotch to crotch.

Both men stared into each other’s eyes for what seemed like an eternity.

Todd could feel his friend’s cock throb against his own and his own tool seemed to throb continuously as the blood rushed through his whole body creating a rush he had never felt before.




Josh smiled again and brought his face closer to Todd’s.

As their lips met, Todd’s whole body was shaking with desire.

His friend, his idol was kissing him: paradise in summer.

Their lips blended as Josh tasted his friend and then after a while Josh pushed his tongue through and searched for Todd’s.




Josh’s hands were caressing his friends’s back and he would often grab his ass and pull Todd in closer, bringing their crotches even tighter together.

Todd could not believe the intense feelings going through him.

He wasn’t sure how or what to do, so he just followed his friend’s lead and mimicked his every move.




When Josh started tickling and pinching Todd’s tits, Todd did the same.

He was surprised to find out how sensitive his tits were as they made his and Josh’s cocks throb even more.

When Josh grabbed his butt and pulled him closer, Todd did the same and both cocks could not be tighter.

Their kissing was passionate and tender as both men licked their faces and then returned to hot tonguing.

They were oblivious to anything around them.




Josh pulled himself away a little from Todd.

His hand went to his friend’s crotch and he caressed the large mound he found there.




He slowly, with his other hand, pulled Todd’s suit down and when the cock stood out freely in the cool water, his hand grabbed it and gently squeezed and stroked the shaft.




Todd almost lost control for a second but he wanted this first time to last so he repeated his friend’s gestures and soon was holding a dick very similar to his own: a thick shaft, a large cut dickhead with open lips.




Both men stroked each other, their heads touching as they looked down into the water.

The silence of the area was broken only by the moans of the two men in heat.




Josh felt Todd’s balls and his hands ran through the dense crotch hair.

Todd cradled his friend’s balls and felt the wonder of them as his fingers played with them and then returned to the cock.

Josh kissed Todd again but briefly as his tongue licked down towards Todd’s nipples.

He stopped there and played with the hard tits sending fantastic shockwaves through Todd’s body.




He moved even lower then and as he licked Todd’s bellybutton, his hands pulled the swimming suit to Todd’s feet and Todd retrieved the suit and threw it onto the river’s edge.

He was completely naked now, his feet implanted wide apart to keep his balance in the water and his friend staring at his hard cock below the water




Josh then plunged and in one quick movement engulfed the engorged organ.

Todd moaned out loudly and threw his head back as he felt his friend’s throat constrict around his cock and slowly suck it.




This only lasted a few moments as his friend needed air.

Josh then stood up and pulled off his own suit and threw it near where Todd had thrown his.

Both men stood inches apart facing each other, their cocks touching whenever the river’s currant pushed them together.




Josh put his hands on Todd’s hairy tits and pinched them, Todd’s hips involuntarily arched, bringing the cocks in closer contact.




Todd took both tools in his hands and squeezed them together.

His cockhead was in his friend’s bush and his friend’s was jabbing his balls.
Todd slowly squeezed , then stroked the shafts.

The warmth of the cocks in his hand was a delicious feeling as were the throbs of passion coming from both of them.




Josh replaced Todd’s hand with his own and moving in closer, placed the cocks upwards, belly to belly, glan to glan.

He directed Josh to play with their touching balls as he started stroking the united cocks.

Both men arched their hips bringing their crotches even closer together.

They were now almost yelling their passion and in a very few strokes both cocks erupted at almost the same time.




Spurt after spurt of hot cum was ejected from the thick cock lips and mixed with the water.

Todd saw stars and flashes as he came like never before.

It seemed to last forever but in a short time, the spurts died down and the men came back to earth.

Josh smiled at Todd and they kissed again as he kept squeezing and stroking the over sensitive cocks until every last drop came out.




Then his arms went around his friend as he pulled him into the water.

They kissed underwater and surfaced laughing and enjoying the coolness.




They collapsed on the cool grass at the edge and embraced once again.

As they kissed, their lovetools were hard in no time, pressing between their united stomachs.




Todd was on top of his friend.

It was great to feel his friend’s hairy body against his own and their massively hairy crotches blending, red on black.

Their cocks lay side by side as Todd started to hump Josh and Josh replied with his own hip movements.

Todd wanted to try what his friend had done to him earlier.




He kissed his friend’s face, then slowly made his way down to the nipples and chewed on them for a while.

Josh grumbled his pleasure.




Todd continued even lower until he buried his nose in the forest of black pubic hair.

He filled his lungs with the musky smell and with his right hand squeezed Josh’s dick.

The skin was soft and it throbbed in his hand.




Holding it in his hand, he had a good look at the thick head and when he squeezed, a thick drop of clear liquid appeared on the lips.

With one finger, he spread the precum over the glans making the head slimy.

He then brought his tongue to the cock lips and tasted the nectar: it was a bit salty but tasted great.




His lips encircled the cock head and with slow suction, Josh’s cock started to enter Todd’s mouth.

He gagged a bit when the cock reached his throat but he relaxed and pretty soon the whole cock was in his mouth.




He could feel the throbbing as his friend moaned out loud.

He then started to suck his friend in earnest, as the shaft slid in and out of his mouth.

Josh maneuvered his body so that his friend’s cock was just above his mouth and pretty soon, both men were sucking on some hot, quivering meat.




Todd enjoyed all the wonderful sensations his body was registering.

His friend’s mouth moving on his cock, his hands caressing his tits and chest, his own friend’s cock in his mouth and his hands playing with Josh’s asscheeks.




Both men were timing their movements and were in complete sync with each other. Josh brought his hands on his friends’s ass and caressed the bubblebutt.

One of his fingers toyed with the crack getting more and more daring until it finally touched the hole.

Todd felt a shiver of anticipation shake his body as he felt Josh’s finger slowly caress his ass, then gently push it’s way into his shute.

In a very short time, his friend’s finger had pushed all the way in and Josh was now slowly finger-pumping his ass.




He felt the finger touch something inside of him which made his cock throb wildly.

As he kept on sucking his friend, Todd aimed his own finger at his friend’s ass hole and with ease pushed into the soft tunnel.

It felt warm and wet inside and in no time his finger was slowly fucking his friend’s ass.




Both men were so hot that in a very short time, Todd felt the cum boiling in his balls, he increased the tempo of his mouth and finger as did his friend.

He felt his cock become rockhard and as his friend slammed his finger to the hilt and touched that magic button, he erupted with a hot load of juice.

At almost the same time, Josh’s cock throbbed and Todd felt the cum shoot out and into his mouth .




Both men shot spurt after spurt of hot semen and as they returned to reality they kept up the sucking until both were spent.

As Josh turned around and took his friends into his arms, they kissed tenderly, each tasting their cum and mixing it in their mouths.




That would be two weeks that Todd would never forget and he always loved his friend for showing him how great sex between men was.

They made love many times but he would always love it when their cocks would slide side by side and erupt all over their bellies.




End of Story

Thanks for your visit.

Writer: Gerry

Designer: Eduardo







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