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The Gay Cartoons

Photo Shots

Writer: Giorgio

Designer: Eduardo

I was in the gym doing my press ups when I saw him enter the gym.

He was wearing a tee shirt and tight lycra shorts showing off his bulging dick and balls.

It was an awesome sight.



His buns were just as great, curved, tight and hard.

I felt a hardon in my shorts as I watched him make his way to the cycle.

I turned my eyes away and tried to calm down.




I continued to exercise and occasionally glanced at him.

He was doing weights showing off his pecs.




He openly grabbed his crotch and kept holding his dick.

He knew he was well endowed.

I left the gym and went back to the changing rooms to get changed.




Just as I was leaving, he came into the room. He was sweating.

I saw this tee shirt wet with sweat as well as his shorts.

He glanced over to me and said hi. This is a great place he said. You have the space to really work out. I’m new here. My name is Dave.

He held out his hand.
shook it and introduced myself.




He took off his shirt to reveal his well-shaped pecs and six pack stomach.

How I wanted to feel his body.

He was rubbing his chest asking me if I came often to the gym.

I answered ‘At least three times a week.’

‘Will you be in tomorrow, I’ll be here and would like to work out with someone’ he asked?




I said that I would be there at around seven.

He grabbed his dick again and said ‘see you tomorrow’.

My glance fell on his dick as it stirred.

He grinned as he noticed my stare.

I left in a hurry.




That night I had a hardon dreaming of what Dave’s dick looked liked.

I wanted to get my mouth around it and have him shoot his load down my throat.

As I dreamt on, my dick shot a load of cum by itself.

I didn’t have that happen to me often and it felt good.




The next day I was in the gym again at 7.00.

Dave wasn’t there.

I decided to start exercising.

15 minutes later he arrived, apologizing for the delay.




He was wearing loose shorts.

Still I could make out his bulging dick held in a pair of tight briefs.

We worked out with weights, helping each other on the bench.




We had a great time, getting to know each other.

By profession I was in computers but my hobby was photography and enjoyed taking portraits.

Dave was also in computers and was interested in my photography.

He kept asking if I did poses or models.

I said I did a bit with friends.




I stressed it was mostly with male friends.

He seemed to smile more he suggested

‘How about having a sauna for a bit?’.

I agreed.

We went back to the changing rooms.




He stripped down to his briefs.

As I guessed, tight white short briefs.

He asked ‘do you go naked in the sauna?’, again touching his dick.

I said that some had swimming trunks or just towels.

I always wore a towel myself.




He took off his briefs.

I starred at his hairless huge dick and big balls.

He took a towel and threw it over his shoulder.




He grinned again as I starred.

He said, ‘yer I often shave myself it helps show off my dick’.

I laughed to cover my embarrassment.




I stripped off too showing a semi hard dick.

Yer that ‘s what normally happens with other guys.

He didn’t seem to mind.




He came over and put his arm on my shoulder and walked me to the sauna.

I grabbed my towel but didn’t have time to wear it.

We walked off, our dicks bouncing around.




We sat on the bench naked, legs apart.

Dave leaned back to show his manhood off.

He was proud of it and didn’t care showing it.

I tried to divert my eyes and make small talk.




My dick didn’t rest though it kept getting harder.

Dave said ‘don’t worry, leave it and it’ll calm down, If it doesn’t, then have a wank that normally works’.

I laughed and covered my dick with my towel.




He asked me if I would be willing to take photos of him.

He often wanted to pose but didn’t know anyone.

I said that I was not a professional so the quality was not good.

‘I don’t believe you I bet you have some good pictures, and he smiled.




I suggested ‘come round for a beer and have a look at my album then you can decide and we can arrange a time.’.

He agreed.

I bet we’ll have fun doing it.

My dick twitched more.




We went off for a shower.

I had a cold shower to relieve my hardon.

We got dressed and made our way back to my apartment.

I lived in a studio apartment in a new warehouse block.

This meant I had a complete floor to myself.

I had divided it into sections one of which was dedicated to my photo studio




We had some beer and I got my album out to show him.

It contained shots of some old friends.

Some shots were semi naked but nothing too lured.




He asked me ‘Have you done nudes?

I bet you got a special collection?’

I said that I had and showed him saying ‘you’re the first one to see them’.

They were photos of my best friend – a hairy guy with a muscular body to be jealous of.




Dave was impressed and grabbed his dick again making sounds that showed his excitement.

He said ‘how about doing some quickies now’.

‘I’ll have to check if I have some film’. I said.




I came back and Dave was stripping down to his briefs again.

He looked up ‘I’d like to try straight away just with my undies on.

I always get a turn on seeing men in briefs.’




I let him carry on as I set up my camera.

He pranced around strutting his stuff like he knew what to do.




He looked funny but erotic at the same time.

I felt my dick react to the sight.




I then decided to have some fun and got some of my special undies – thongs, jock straps, posing pouch, silk shorts, zipped brief.




Dave would really have a lot of fun.

His eyes lit up when I presented him with my gifts.

It was getting hot so I stripped off my shirt.




‘Wow, you really know how to make a guy happy.

I hope you have lots of film, you’re gonna need it.’

I then started to catch him on film with his own briefs.




He was natural, he knew how to pose and wanted to have his bulge captured on film.




He then changed and put on my posing pouch.

It was scarcely able to hold his dick and balls but it managed.




His shaved pubic hair revealed just a shadow of dark hair.

He lifted his legs high to show off what he had between his legs.




He changed into the jock straps.

His buns were clearly well shaped and he showed them off.

I took plenty shots of them.




Dave said, ‘hey man, get the rest off.

If I’ve done it, you can too.’




I agreed.

My thongs were stretched to keep my dick hidden.

He was pleased that I was hard.




‘I knew you liked me, why don’t you show me what you have in those thongs’ he said.

I hesitated.

He came over and placed his hand on my dick,




‘I bet you like to have it stroked’ he whispered as he pulled my thongs off.




He got to his knees and gave a teasing kiss as my dick shot up.

Wow you do like it, how about this and started to lick my shaft.




I arched my body towards him and gave out a sigh of excitement.

‘Yer you like it man, you really like to be eaten’.

He continued to suck my dick, and I was thrusting my dick in his mouth down his throat.




He took it all.

I was hot and really excited.

I worked on him harder and fucked his face until I reached a climax and let my cum shoot down his throat.




Having swallowed it all, he relaxed and let my dick flop out of his mouth.

‘Cor, I wanted to do that all night. Thanks for that.’ He said as he looked up to me.




He relaxed and fell back on the floor.

His dick was hard itself and was stuck out of the jockstrap.




‘How about letting me finish the film off with your dick’ I said.

He agreed and took off the jock strap.




Though his dick was getting hard, it wasn’t rigid.

He played with his dick while I finished the film.




‘What you gonna do now’ Dave asked.

‘I think you need to be relieved don’t you and I know just how to do it’.

I said more confidently I got on my knees and took his dick im my hands.

I massaged it until it got harder and harder.




He moaned quietly letting me do all the work. I took his dick in my mouth and let it slip in slowly. Then he thrust it down my throat, I choked as I had to take it. I sucked hard and he pumped away.




‘How would you like it up your arse? I like to shoot inside you’ he whispered.

I stopped and said ‘yer I feel I can take you all’.

So I lay on my back, lifted my legs up and let him guide his dick up my arse.




He was gentle but firm as he let me get used to the size Eventually I could feel his balls against my back.

I had him inside me and it felt good.




My dick was getting hard, I grabbed it and pulled it too.

I watched Dave’s body as he kept humping me.

His chest was glistening with sweat.




He didn’t push too fast, letting me feel his dick right up my arse.

He took his dick out and laid down by my side.

‘Wow you sure know how to please a man.’ My dick was still hard.




With my hands and his we pumped away until I shot my load again.

We then went off to have a shower.




Having dried off and wearing towels, we went off to develop the films.

One by one the photos came through and what a sight.




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When we had finished, we sat on a sofa and examined the photos.

Both of our dicks were hard, the towels undone our dicks were exposed.




Dave stroked his dick as he approved of the photos.

He said ‘You sure are good at this. You can do it again for me anytime’

He then proceeded to stroke my dick. I let him continue.




He got on his knees and sucked my dick once again.

He then stopped and turned around revealing his arse and thrust it towards my dick.

I took this cue and followed through.




I entered him and it felt good.

I continued to bang away until I felt my balls tighten ready to shoot my load.

I fell on top of him as we both collapsed on the floor.




Dave then turned over and wanted to shoot his load again.




I went down on his dick and sucked it until he came in my mouth.

I didn’t swallow but moved up to him and kissed him letting him take his own cum too.




We stayed together for the rest of the night fucking and sucking each other.

What a start of a long relationship.




End of Story

Thanks for your visit.

Writer: Giorgio

Designer: Eduardo



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