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The Gay Cartoons

Straight Tequila

Writer: Ryan

Designer: Eduardo

“Ryan?….Ryan…..hey Ryan….”

Slowly, I opened my eyes.

The room was dark and I was lying on my back in bed.

I turned my head slightly to the right and saw my bedroom door open.cd001

Through the darkness, I saw the pale glow of a light in the hall and the shadow of a figure against the light.

“Ryan, wake up…” It was my roommate, Carlos.

From the position of his body in the doorway and the slur in his voice, it sounded as though he was drunk.

Or, if not drunk, he was definitely buzzed.cd002

“What is it?” I whispered, clearing my throat to get my voice.

Carlos slowly walked over to my bed. I could barely see him in the dark but I knew exactly what he looked like.

At 26, he was one of the most handsome men I had ever seen. Being Hispanic, he had the typical Latin skin, black hair and brown eyes. He was only 5’2″, which was a source of embarrassment for him, but his body was anything but embarrassing.

When he was a teenager, his father had him work hard physical labor by building houses with him and his muscles were toned from natural work.

As he got older, he bought a weight set and worked out several times a week, developing a hard, muscular and very defined physique.cd003

He wore extra large shirts and you could still see the muscles in his chest and arms where they stretched the fabric.

His leg muscles were so big that he had to wear pants that were 2 inches too big in the waist for him, just so they would fit his thighs.

When my gay friends would meet him for the first time, they would practically drool over him…..which was about all they would get to do, as Carlos was straight.

Carlos seemed to wobble a bit as he walked to the bed and he stopped right at the edge. My eyes were adjusting to the darkness and I could see him standing there, with his head down.

“Carlos, what’s wrong?” I asked.cd004

“Man, I just can’t take it anymore…..I miss her so bad….”

Ahhhh, I thought. Here we go again.
Carlos had separated from his wife a month earlier and it was extremely hard on him. They had been married for 5 years and had 3 sons.

The youngest boy was my godson and, when they separated, I offered my home to him for as long as he wanted.

We were close friends and I knew how emotional he could get.

Unfortunately, Carlos was also a heavy drinker and when he drank, his emotions seemed to rush to the surface.cd005

“I know, man,…..I know. You wanna talk?”
“Noooo…..nooo….well….I don’t know…” he said, his voice slurring.

All of a sudden, he plopped down hard on the bed and I had to hold him to keep from falling off.

“Whoa, man, sit down. Are you okay?”
“Not really. I’m buzzing big time right now. Was over at Beto’s house drinking tequila with him.”.

That was not good news. As I said, Carlos was a heavy drinker and tequila hit him especially bad. I just hoped he wouldn’t be throwing up or passing out because I could barely lift him when he was awake, much less passed out.cd006

All of a sudden, he blurted

“I hate her for what she did, Ryan! She had no right to do me that way. And my boys…..I miss them so bad. I know I fucked up at times and drank too much at times and shoulda been there at times…..but I always provided for them and tried to do what she wanted! And for what…..she tells me she can’t live with it no more and gets a lawyer……fuckin’ bitch….”

I sat there and rubbed Carlos’s arm, knowing the pain he was feeling.
I had heard this from him before and the hurt and rage and bitterness he felt were always bad.cd007

Suddenly, Carlos leaned down to me and said

“Ryan, can I sleep here awhile? I don’t feel very good man…..I don’t wanna be alone….”

I smelt the liquor on his breath and thought for a couple of seconds.
I wanted to help him, but I didn’t want him throwing up all over my bed. cd008

As I decided whether to let him lie down on the bed awhile, he started lurching over, his head hitting my shoulder.

I grabbed him and laid him on his back. cd009

“Carlos, are you alright?” I asked quickly.

No answer.

Carlos….” I said again louder, shaking him slightly.
“Yeahhhhh…..I’m….okay…” He mouthed it so quietly I could barely hear it.

I didn’t have much choice now because there was no way I could lift Carlos out of my bed and carry him to his room.

So, I got out of bed and set about making him comfortable.


I took off his shoes and sock but debated about his shirt and pants.

Carlos knew I was gay and I didn’t want him to think I was trying to seduce him.

However, I knew that when you drank a lot of alcohol, your body radiated a lot of heat as it burned it off and he would be very uncomfortable in his clothes. cd011

He slept in his underwear anyway, so I didn’t figure he’d think anything about it.

It was hard pulling his upper body up from the bed and pulling his shirt off but finally it came over his head. cd012

Then I unbuckled his belt, unzipped his shorts and slowly tugged them down his legs. cd013

It was slow going because they were so tight against his muscles but they finally slid down to his lower legs and I took them off.


Carlos lay there, and though I had seen him in his underwear before, the sight was still beautiful.

He was wearing red briefs that had a hard time holding his ample basket.

His muscular chest was smooth and hairless, except for a small trail of black hair that went from his navel into his underwear.

His dick jutted out in the briefs and, even though I had never seen it, it was obvious that his cock was large.


I went out and turned off the hall light, closed the door and turned on a light in the bedroom, in case Carlos woke up during the night and wondered where he was. cd016

I lay down on my side of the bed, with my hands underneath my head, thinking about Carlos and all he had gone through in his life.

He had shared much with me about how he grew up in an abusive family and now he had to deal with the pain of divorce.

I knew how he adored his sons and how the separation from them would hurt him even more.


As I thought about Carlos, I looked over at him.
He had not moved a muscle and his breathing was slow and uneventful.

Finally, I thought smiling, he can get some peace in his sleep.

As my feelings welled up in my heart, I reached over and gently touched his cheek.

Then I turned back, closed my eyes and fell back to sleep.


I don’t know how long I had been sleeping when I felt a sudden hard movement in the bed.

My eyes flew open and I shook my head quickly.

I felt the movement again… was almost like a tremor…..and looked over to where Carlos lie sleeping.


He was still on his back but his body moved restlessly, as if he were having a bad dream.

I saw him shake quickly once more and I sat up, leaned over and grabbed his shoulders.

“Carlos, wake up!” I whispered loudly.
He didn’t respond and I shook him harder.
“Carlos!” I said again, this time in a loud voice.

His eyes slowly opened and he looked at me. The gaze was almost a vacant look. Evidently the alcohol was doing a big number on him this time.

“Man, are you okay?” I said in a quieter voice.


He licked his lips, closed his eyes again, and said
“yeah….just getting chills……or something….I don’t know. I just keep trembling…..I can’t help it.”
“Are you cold?”
“No….I don’t know what it is….I can’t relax.”
“Okay, man. Just do the best you can. Let’s see what we can do.”

I was still holding his shoulders and felt him shake again. His skin was radiating a lot of heat, so I figured it was just a normal body reaction to the alcohol.

I began to rub his shoulders and arms, adding a little massaging action now and then. I thought it might relax his muscles and help him fall asleep again.
Carlos closed his eyes as I began rubbing his arms and murmured something.


What?” I asked him, not understanding what he said.
“I said that feels good. Keep doing it.”

As I continued rubbing his arms and shoulders, a wave of desire began to build in me. My dick began to get hard as I felt his muscles and I was embarrassed at the intensity of my feelings.

I continued rubbing his arms and shoulders and slowly moved my hands down to his chest. His pecs rose up like twin plateaus, the valley between them glistening with sweat.

His pink nipples looked delicious, hardening when my hands passed over them. As I rubbed Carlos’s chest, I looked at his face to see his reaction. His eyes were still closed but his breathing was faster.


I looked back at Carlos’s chest and moved my hands down his body, delighting in the feel of my hands sliding down the edges of his pecs, onto his flat stomach.

His abs were firm to the touch and he tensed slightly as my hands stroked his muscles.

I wasn’t rubbing his body anymore as much as I was stroking it.

It was very sensual and my dick was hard as steel.

I continued to stroke Carlos’s chest and stomach, which he seemed to enjoy just as much as I was.


As my desire for him grew, I looked down at his crotch.

His dick had grown inside his briefs and, because he had it pointing down, it was pulling his underwear away from his crotch.

I could see some of his curly black pubic hair but I wanted to see more! cd024

As I continued to stroke his body, I leaned down and begin to lick his chest.

The sweat on his chest was somewhat salty but was like an aphrodisiac.

I licked more and more of his chest, running my tongue up to one of his nipples.

As I sucked the nipple, Carlos’s gasped slightly. I stopped to see if I had gone too far but he made no move to stop me.

I continued sucking and gently biting the nipple and then did the same to the other one.

Carlos still did not move to stop me and my lust continued to grow unabated.


As I kept licking and sucking on his upper body, my hand moved down his stomach until I felt the edge of his briefs.

I lifted up off his chest and looked at his basket.

Carlos’s dick was straining to get out and, with my feelings totally overwhelming me, I decided to help it! cd026

I moved down to the end of the bed and leaned over Carlos’s legs, my hands on the edges of his waistband.

I took one last look at Carlos’s face. His eyes were still shut but I knew he was aware of what was happening. cd027

When I got up from licking his chest, his hands had moved up from his sides and had started stroking his chest and stomach.

There was no doubt in my mind that he wanted the action to continue!

I pulled Carlos’s briefs down, working them over his muscular hips and down his massive legs.


When I pulled them off his feet, I looked back at his body, now totally naked and ready for my pleasure.

When I saw Carlos’s dick, I stopped. It was fantastic! I’m not a size queen and, unlike many gay men, don’t have to have a huge dick to suck on.

But Carlos’s cock was wonderful!
It was uncut, about 7 inches long and very thick.
The shaft was a beautiful shade of brown, smooth and inviting, that was topped by a large, pink, mushroomed head.


In fact, the head was so big, I could barely see Carlos’s foreskin!

It stood straight up from his stomach and there was a small stream of pre-cum leaking from the head.

His balls were just as gorgeous, smooth, hairless and larger than most that I had seen.


The sight of this totally nude, built, masculine Hispanic was more than I could take!

He was my roommate and one of my best friends but the physical perfection of his body was overwhelming and I wanted him desperately.

I knew he was straight but here he was….totally naked in front of me, his hands caressing his own body, knowing that I was there with him!

His sexual desire was obvious and he evidently didn’t care who touched him as long as it felt good.

Well, I was about to make us BOTH feel good!


I straddled his legs and looked down at the inviting feast before me.

I could see his meat throbbing and I leaned down to lick his pole.

As my tongue touched his shaft, I heard another gasp from Carlos and looked up quickly.

His eyes were still closed but BINGO!!….a slight smile was on his lips!


That was the green light for me and you better believe I went on through the intersection quick!

I took his rod in my mouth and began to suck it hard.

The feel of my lips around it. . . . the taste of his pre-cum . . . . the feel of his hard muscular body beneath me. . . . all contributed to me giving one helluva blowjob!


As I sucked more and more of Carlos’s manmeat into my mouth, I felt his body respond.

His hips started moving in rhythm to my sucking and his hands gently grabbed my head.

I thought at first he was trying to pull me off his dick but he simply held my head in place over it . . . . as if I wanted to go somewhere else instead of sucking on that big Latin dick!


I continued sucking away and soon felt his hands leave my head.

I looked over to see what he was doing and he had simply stretched his hands out behind his head . . . . as if trying to relax and enjoy what I was doing to his sexy body! cd035

I wasn’t able to get all of Carlos’s dick in my mouth, due to our position, so I moved around until my legs straddled his chest. It was hard to put my legs on the sides of his muscular chest but I did the best I could.

With that change, I began to put more and more of Carlos’s beautiful rod down my throat.

As I went deeper down his cock, Carlo’s groans began to get heavier and his hands reached around and began to stroke and pinch my chest.


His cock started to get a little bigger and I knew it wouldn’t be long before he shot his big creamy load of tequila down my throat! I was leaking pre-cum with a vengeance and started rubbing my dick across his rock hard stomach.

His moans got louder and I suddenly felt Carlos’s dick get hard as steel and the head began to expand.


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He grabbed my sides as his crotch arched up from the bed and began to groan loudly


His cum shot into my mouth with a vengeance . . . . two . . three . . . five warm jets of thick cream.

As he came, I continued to suck hard on his rod, wanting to milk every drop of the sweet mixture from his balls.

His pelvis dropped back down on the bed but his body continued to jerk as his dick continued to deliver the creamy nectar from his body.


There was so much it was almost as if he had not gotten off in several days. I swallowed it as best I could and continued to suck and lick around his cock, which showed no signs of losing its erection.

I began to feel the tremors in my own cock and began rubbing it harder on his stomach.

In just a few seconds, my cum exploded all over Carlos’s abs and I sucked his manmeat as far down my throat as I could get it. cd039

After a few minutes, Carlos’s body movement began to subside and he fell back on the bed, as if he was totally drained.

Considering the amount of cum he gave me, his nuts probably WERE drained!
But, if they weren’t, I woulda been happy to drain them for him!

His cock began to get soft and I let it slip from my mouth.

I got off his chest and laid beside him, looking at his handsome face.


Carlos was quiet and then slowly turned his head to look at me.

A smile began to cross his lips, his eyes closed and opened slowly, and he said,

“man, I’ve never felt like that before . . . I never knew having a guy suck me could feel so good . . .” cd041

I continued looking straight in his eyes and said,

“I couldn’t help it, Carlos. You’re just so fuckin’ handsome and were feeling so bad, I just wanted to make you feel better. But . . . you’re my friend and I feel guilty like I took advantage of you . . .”

He listened carefully to me, licked his lips slowly and said,

“Hey, Ryan, don’t worry about it. You’re still my friend. I admit, it was strange having a guy suck me but it felt good. Don’t worry bout it.”


I smiled slightly, leaned over and kissed his cheek.

“Thanks, Carlos. I mean that . . . I love you like a brother and I would hate to lose that.”

Carlos nodded his head slightly, turned his head back and closed his eyes.

I laid back on the bed, trying to sleep but remembering the feel of his body . . . the taste of his rod in my mouth . . . the desire he had brought out in me.

After awhile, I, too, began to fall asleep . . . a feeling of contentment and happiness inside me.


That happened 4 years ago.

Carlos and I continued to be roommates for the next 2 years and our friendship is still strong as ever to this day.

We never had sex again, although, every time I would see him with his shirt off or just wearing his underwear, the temptation to grab him was strong! cd044

I’m sure Carlos was aware of my feelings but he never seemed to be bothered by it.

That would often make me wonder if maybe he would go for it again but I never wanted to chance losing his friendship.


We still hug and touch each other as best friends do . . . and, despite the sexual desire he incites in me, I think that is the best kind of relationship to have!


But, whenever I drink a shot of tequila, I think about that night of passion with my straight Latin hunk.

And, who knows . . . as a friend of mine always tells me, “in life, there are always . . . possibilities.”


End of Story

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Writer: Ryan

Designer: Eduardo

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